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“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10

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Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver

Newsletter, December 2014

This year has been a challenging year in some ways due to low response to our planning of a 3-4 day Spring Retreat and 7 day Fall Retreat.The low response resulted in the both having to be cancelled.

At the same time, there have been wonderful responses to our Silent Saturdays in January, May, September and the Advent Silent Saturday this month, as well as the annual United in Prayer Day in March when we are in prayer with Contemplative Outreach chapters all around the world. It seems that in this time of economic retraints and time restraints, these silent days are sought after and so are well attended. They offer a beautiful space to simply "be" for a few sacred hours. We will continue with these in 2015 and look forward to planning a 3-4 day retreat in 2016.

We have had several opportunities to serve with Introduction to Centering Prayer workshops, most recently in Sechelt and East Vancouver, resulting in a new group being formed. We continue to be in discernment and prayer as to how best to serve the communities throughout Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Coming Events

Introduction to Centering Prayer

At the heart of every contemplative outreach chapter is the desire to introduce the method of Centering Prayer to spiritual sojourners. I believe that anyone reading this newsletter believes that centering prayer and contemplation in the Christian contemplative tradition have deepened their relationship with God.

We invite you to help us fulfill the mission that makes us available to all who wish to invite us to introduce this practice to them.

A brochure has been designed which we hope will encourage congregations and parishes to explore Centering Prayer as a means of supporting the inner life of their faith communities.

If you are interested in being a part of this initiative you can print the brochure HERE. Your contact will be Anne at

Wishing all abundant blessings,

COGV Servant Leadership Team

Judith Ann Donaldson, Coordinator
Anne LaRochelle, Past Coordinator
Sandra Hanvey
Jan Miko
Margaret Ross.

Sunshine on solitude

We acknowledge that any good accomplished by Contemplative Outreach is the work of the Holy Spirit.

- Theological Principle #13