Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalms 46:10

The Gifting Process

Contemplative Outreach Canada

Contemplative Outreach was founded 30 years ago to transmit the living tradition of contemplative spirituality and the contemplative Christian heritage to those liv-ing ordinary lives. Today it is an ecumenical global community of individuals and small faith communities, promoting Christian unity through the shared belief and values of the Gospels.

Here in Canada we serve people across our nation by teaching the practice of Centering Prayer and otter contemplative practices through locally hosted work-shops and retreats. Our mandate is also to support prayer groups and provide training and resources to local chapters such as Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver.

This is important work that you have experienced first-hand. Your gener-osity of heart, through your financial support, will help enable the work to continue.

To help build and sustain the Centering Prayer movement, and receive a tax de-ductible receipt. please complete the attached Gift Form. On it you may specify where and how you would like your gift allocated. You may, for example choose to direct your entire donation to one source, or a percentage of the total to multi-ple recipients.

St. Benedict’s Foundation manages the giving process, including the issuing of tax receipts on behalf of Contemplative Outreach Canada.

With gratitude for your support,

Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver
on behalf of Contemplative Outreach Canada

Download the Contemplative Outreach Gift form as a PDF and support Centering Prayer.

Silent Solitude at Sunset

"As your sensitivity to the spiritual dimension of your being develops through the daily practice of centering prayer, you may begin to find the awareness of God’s presence arising at times in ordinary activity. You may feel called to turn interiorly to God without knowing why. The quality of your spiritual life is developing and enabling you to pick up vibrations from a world you did not previously perceive. Without deliberately thinking of God, you may find that He is often present in the midst of your daily occupations.”

- Open Mind Open Heart